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Are you tired of waiting in rush hour traffic?

This site is a resource available to travelers, residents and organizations along State Hwy 76 in North San Diego County, California. Our goal is to collaborate with government agencies to reduce the traffic congestion and improve public safety along this busy highway.

Learn about the problems

If you drive Hwy 76 during rush hour in the morning or evening, you already know of the key bottlenecks and how frustrating they can be.  This site will attempt to share some of the challenges and opportunities for improvement.

How you can help

In the near future, we hope to provide resources that will enable you to improve the traffic flow and safety by constructively partnering with agencies such as Caltrans, City of Oceanside and City of Bonsall, 

About Us

How to contact Caltrans

Call Caltrans, Public Information Office, 

District 11, between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm at: 


Be prepared to describe the problem or suggestion to improve traffic safety and flow.

Sign the Petition

In the future, we will enable you to electronically sign a petition describing areas of improvement for traffic safety and flow along Hwy 76.

Share your ideas

In the future, we will allow you to submit your ideas for improving traffic safety and flow.

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We are here for you!

We  believe that by working together to express our concerns and suggestions, we can improve travel along Hwy 76.

825 College Blvd., Suite 102 - Oceanside, CA 92057

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